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Kiss and Tell Nails by Ciera introduces the FIRST acrylic powder that has been formulated to work, even at it's BEST, in COLDER temperatures.


All of our colored acrylic powders were formulated with ALL nail techs and TEMPERATURES in mind! YES, I said TEMPERATURE!

As you know, acrylic powders have a set room temperature in which they have to be used in BEFORE the powder becomes "runny".

Our HIGH QUALITY acrylic powders have a new formula in which they can withstand colder temperatures and still keep their buttery consistency without being "runny".


Treat yourself and/or your clients to TOP-TIER, high quality products that create TOP-TIER, high quality nails using Kiss and Tell Nails by Ciera acrylic powders!


*Note: There may be a slight difference in color pictured in photo versus in person due to the lighting in photo or on the device that is in use.

It is best to encapsulate our powders with clear acrylic.




INGREDIENTS: Methacrylate polymer, benzoyl peroxide, pigment, titanium dioxide, may contain glitter.


WARNING: Discontinue use if irritation occurs. Keep out of reach of children. Keep away from humidity, heat and flame. Always keep tightly closed.



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