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 Hello my fellow NAIL LOVERS! I am Ciera Morrison, CEO of  Kiss and Tell Nails by Ciera, welcome! First, let me say thank you for taking the time to stop by my website. I can guarantee you, it will not be a disappointment! Kiss and Tell Nails by Ciera offers a variety of some of the hottest designs on the market to accommodate every nail lover!

I am a licensed Cosmetologist/Nail Tech. After learning the basics in Cosmetology school, I decided to proceed past the basics and further teach myself to do acrylic nails by practicing on my own hands as well as close family members. Being the perfectionist that I am, I was determined to become a "beast" at this skill. So here we are today, with me mastering the art of doing nail designs as well as press-on nails. God has blessed me with the gift of creating my own designs and drawing by hand different designs and creations.


Being a perfectionist means I take pride in what I do. It also means that I will not sale to anyone, anything that I myself will not wear on my own hands.


Kiss and Tell Nails by Ciera press-on nails are made with high quality professional products (such as Valentino Beauty Pure, Joya Mia, Young Nails Inc. etc.) resulting in long lasting nails that you can wear again and again. Our designs consist of some of the latest and unique trends in nail art.


Please keep in mind that all press-on nails are painted and designed by licensed nail tech, Ciera Morrison, CEO of Kiss and Tell Nails by Ciera. I take great pride in my work and I would never want to compromise the quality of my work by rushing to complete orders. I am one person and I want everyone to have top notch nails!

Thank you for shopping with Kiss and Tell Nails by Ciera. 

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